Our office is involved in the protection of industrial property:
• patents.
• Layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits.
• Industrial designs and models.
• Trademarks, trademarks or service.
• The trade name.
• Indications of source and appellations of origin, and the repression of unfair competition.

Our service offering includes:
Act as agent following Article 4 of the Law of 17_97:
« The natural or legal persons with no residence or head office in Morocco or without industrial or commercial establishment must take up residence with an agent residing or having its registered office in Morocco who will account for their operations to be performed with the body responsible for industrial property.  »

Registration of trademarks and designs;
• Renewals of trademarks and designs;
• Trademarks monitoring;
• Prior art searches;
• Registration of patents and protection of inventions;
• Opposition Proceedings;
• Legal Assistance.
Consultations, contracts, advice, defense;
Legal, jurisprudential andtechnical Analyses;
Completion of assignment and licensing of trademarks, designs or models;
Support on consumer law and competition;
Descriptive seizure of infringement;

Domain’s Names