Companies increase their management strategies of outstanding debt risk.
Some of them start to refuse to sell on credit.
Companies that contract the state or public institutions suffer the unreasonable payment delays, which causes contentious of administrative nature.

Guarantee the payment in the debt collection process by foreclosures:
Protective seizures, garnishments, property seizure, enforceable pursuant to Article 148 of the Code of Civil Procedure. To obtain enforcement in legal proceedings for debts payment, it is necessary to obtain an enforcement order to move from the application stage to the enforcement by a judgment or order for payment execution, which will allow performing the sale of goods in auction.

Localization of persons and creditors’ goods.


The NKAIRA office provides the localization of addresses and land titles and other basic information to allow the implementation in a debt collection procedure.


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Offer yourselves the services of a lawyer specialized in debt collection.
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Benefit from our network in all areas related to the recovery of judicial and extrajudicial claims of the commercial and administrative litigation.

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