The fees of lawyers in general are freely fixed by a free agreement between the lawyer and the client.

There are rules governing fees; They are provided for by the law regulating the profession of lawyers in Morocco, (law: 28.08).

The lawyer must inform his client, and provide a written agreement, article 57 of Law 28.08, which facilitates and guarantees a clear and lasting relationship.
The elements which are taken into account in the fixing of fees are:

The time allotted to the file.
Its nature.
Its difficulty and technicality.
his importance.
Notoriety and seniority of the lawyer.

Article 45 of Law 28.08 prohibits the fixing of fees in relation to the result. But the result makes the difference in the calculation of fees.

In the event of disagreement on fees, the parties refer to the President of the Bar of Lawyers to decide. Article 51 of Law 28.08.

The client receives a receipt from the amount paid to the lawyer, which specifies the nature of the payment: fees, taxes, advance on fees, or balance on fees.

Fees are always fixed excluding tax, T.V.A is set by law at 10%.